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Why workout and eat healthy?

When you read about the benefits of working out they speak for themselves. And it's the same thing when you look up reasons why you should eat healthy. So, if eating healthy and working out are so beneficial why isn't everyone doing it?!

The fact is that you cannot see how the benefits would actually work in your life. Some may not agree with that statement but it's true. You're tired, need more energy, have weight to lose, have health conditions that need managing, are not sleeping well, live with inflammation, and even in pain but you are unwilling to create time in your schedule for your health. The fact is that you cannot imagine yourself experiencing the benefits of healthy eating and working out because they require sacrifice.

Sacrifice! Health requires you to giving up time and certain foods and creating new habits. New habits may not fit into your social calendar, work calendar, or your take up any space in your mind. However, I am here to give you a different outlook on why you and your family deserve for you the be at your best and live your best life.

The first step is to figure out what you want. Do you want more energy, more stamina, to get up off the floor more easily, play with your children or grandchildren, walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded or without pain? Ask yourself what do you want most. This cannot be a small goal. It has to be something that will motivate you to keep going when motivation is low.

Two, get committed to your goal. Your goal comes with sacrifices, so what are you willing to give up to improve your health. Do not think about the obstacles because they will always be there. Think about your goal and how it would make you feel when you finally have the energy, can move with decreased pain levels. can move and feel better, or rebuild your self confidence. Stay focused.

Three, carve out time in your schedule. This could be anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour and it must be 3 to 5 days a week. To succeed it doesn't matter what form of exercise you use. What matters most is that you put your workouts on your calendar.

Four, figure out how you will workout and create a plan. Get a trainer, find a YouTube video series you enjoy, walk with a friend. get a membership at the local gym, or join a class. Whatever it is, make sure you enjoy the activity. You can do any program but if you're not enjoying it the added stress will make it more difficult to reach your goals.

Now that we have your exercise program down, now we can work on your nutrition, Nutrition doesn't have to be difficult. All it needs to be is something you can commit to. The first step is to actively access your current diet. What do you eat that needs to be cut out or minimized? Secondly, take note on how your body feels. How does your body respond to certain foods? What is the current state of your gut and skin? How's your energy level? This will help you figure what to eliminate from your diet. Lastly, make changes slowly and eat from the earth. Eat as many whole foods as possible. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables daily and eat a variety of colors.

Your health is worth you making a few sacrifices and always remember health is the new wealth.


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