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Improve Performance. Move Better. Feel Better. Train With Purpose.

What We Do

We help you take the guesswork out of your workouts! How? We equip you with techniques to push you physically and mentally, provide accountability, create proper movement mechanics specific to your body, and help you reach your goals in a safe environment. This all begins with a complete assessment to help you improve your every day and athletic performance and to help you move better and improve your confidence.

Increase Energy

Working out will boost your energy levels, cognitive function, stamina, and help you look and feel better.

Build Strength

Functional training will improve your body's overall strength, increase your muscle mass, bone density, and fitness.

Enjoy Life

Expert personal training will help you accelerate your fitness, get up from the floor, play with your grand children, and improve sports agility.

Busy Professionals wanting to reclaim their health and energy.


Our aging community who want to minimize pain, move better, and have move energy.


Athletes who want to improve their speed, agility, quickness, and sports performance.

Who We Serve


6 classes ONLY $65

Two week Semi-Private training

4:30 AM, 11:00 AM, & 4:30 PM

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Our Mission

Our mission here at Accelerate Performance Personal Training is to walk alongside our clients, helping them get the results they deserve while educating and teaching lifelong skills that will enable them to live their lives to the fullest.

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"...I'm strength training like a champ and feeling good!"

Ashley Otani Reyes

"Inquire today to start your fitness journey."

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